Bluehouse Group is a full service web agency that offers custom website design, internet marketing, and custom application development. We serve a wide variety of clients—regional and national, large and small, for-profit companies and non-profits. We work within many markets, including healthcare, renewable energy, social service, private industry, start ups with mature business plans, and more. Our versatility and cross-sector experience provide a rich cross-pollination of ideas. Clients benefit from a complete team capable of producing sophisticated solutions and obsessed with making things that really work. 


Bluehouse Group began business in 1998 as a Web design and development firm. Our first client was IBM, where we were responsible for ongoing Web development for IBM's microelectronics division. Since then, we've evolved continuously, seen a couple of recessions along the way, and survived and prospered.

Clean Design

We strive for simplicity whenever possible. We like uncluttered design and intuitive navigation. We love the challenge of creating truly engaging Web experiences, where people get something of value. The Web is full of noise, and people's patience is short. We are always looking for the most effective way to convey the message, serve your audience, answer their question, or solve their problem.

Just Enough Technology

We also strive for simplicity from a technical standpoint. While we are highly proficient with Web technology, we always remember that it's a means to an end. Complexity has hidden costs in maintainability, reliability, and longevity. "Just enough" is the appropriate amount of both technology and complexity.

Long Term Relationships

We value long-term solutions and long-term relationships. Clear communication is key. Our client is a partner. We frequently achieve such a thorough knowledge of an organization's needs that we continue working together on an ongoing basis, providing continuity and value from one year to the next. 


Every member of Bluehouse Group owns the quality promise that we make to our clients. Collectively and individually we strive for the highest level of quality in our work.

Favorite Quote

"The art of simplicity is knowing when more is too much, and less is not enough."  John Maeda, former president of Rhode Island School of Design