The Rainmaker Group

The Rainmaker Group provides industry-leading revenue management software and services for both the gaming-hospitality industry and the multifamily housing industry. Their systems help clients such as MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment and Fairfield Residential set optimal room or unit pricing to achieve the highest profitability from their assets every day.

Having two different and distinctive customer bases presented a number of tricky issues for the Rainmaker website. To tackle these challenges Bluehouse Group did an extensive information architecture exercise and created intuitive navigation for these two unique audiences. We made sure that each section of the website “spoke” to the intended audience. We also designed custom illustrations to help users understand the concepts and features of their unique software.

“We are very pleased with the design, guidance and support provided by Bluehouse. Our new site has a bright, crisp look and fits our culture perfectly. Functionally, it’s performing well and has engaged viewers well. Since its launch, we have seen a significant increase in number of visitors and lead generation. ” -Nancy Nevins Marketing Director at The Rainmaker Group