Getting your website to talk to other systems

Bluehouse Group helps our clients improve efficiency using different technologies and platforms.  "System integration" is a techy term that can include:

  • Web services, API'S
  • Connecting to external systems and databases
  • Incorporating third party components to improve overall user experience


Stripe has revolutionized payment processing online. They're our preferred payment gateway for most situations when a website needs a payment gateway for accepting online payments.  They also offer a terrific solution for subscription systems, where recurring payments occur automatically.  We've done lots of Stripe integrations, and even written some custom extensions, so we know Stripe very, very well.

The long-standing workhorse of ecommerce, remains a popular and reliable solution for online payment processing.


When a website has a Contact form, or any kind of form for capturing inquiries, we can put the inquiries automatically and instantly into SalesForce.  It's so efficient, sales people love it.


A popular customer relationship management platform, Sugar is among the CRM systems we've used to connect a website and exchange information.


When an organization has information stored in documents, like PDF's, SOLR lets website visitors do full text search across whole libraries of documents.  Powerful stuff.


Pardot provides a powerful marketing automation platform for businesses.  Now owned by SalesForce, Pardot enables companies to track results through the whole marketing cycle, from individual campaigns through sales transactions. Bluehouse has integrated Pardot into websites, and has even built a SilverStripe module that makes it easy for clients to manage their own website integration with Pardot via their CMS.