Bring It On.

Our experienced team of programmers, marketers and project managers welcome a good challenge. In fact, the harder your problem, the more we want to work with you.

Our Story

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Bluehouse Group is a full service digital agency located in Burlington, Vermont. When we're not making pinball machines out of cardboard for fun, we specialize in custom website design and development, and digital marketing services. Web application development is a particular strength of ours. And so is our old-fashioned commitment to delivering personal attention. When you call us, you will get a human. That's right. Vicky or Jen or Greg will cheerfully pick up and chat it up. We may be high-tech, but we're also high-touch.

Ask around and you'll discover we've earned a reputation for building high quality, “commercial-grade” solutions. We help organizations solve their business challenges by providing a high-performance team that synthesizes creativity, technical expertise, and business smarts. Over nearly twenty years, we’ve served a wide variety of clients—local, regional and national; large and small; for-profit companies, government, and non-profits. We’ve also worked across many market segments including healthcare, renewable energy, local food and sustainability, destination marketing organizations, and social services. (We haven’t worked with any cartoon characters yet, but we had a Bubble Monkey mascot for a while.) Our versatility and cross-sector experience has proven to be a strength, and the basis for a rich cross-pollination of ideas.


We've developed a proven process for website development we call our "Blueprint for Success". It's proven, yet adaptable for a myriad of situations. Through a highly collaborative approach, we guide our clients through a set of exercises and conversations that help us hone in on the goals for the project and understanding your broader business. A few key success factors we've identified over years of doing this sport of web development are a high degree of collaboration between us and our client; a clear set of goals for the website and how it will support business objectives; and setting the right metrics for success. We take the long-term view towards our client relationships and our process helps build trust and successful outcomes.


Among the criteria for what makes a project a good fit for BHG is the ‘feel good factor’. As a values-driven company, we strive to make the world a better placewhether it’s through renewable energy, supporting local food producers or donating our time for a non-profit's digital project. We’ve been long-time supporters of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. Our blood runs green.


We are hiring and are always interested in meeting talented folks. Check out our opportunities, get in touch and let us know why we should hire you. At Bluehouse Group, we believe in work-life balance. Our tight-knit tribe of developers, marketers and project managers have fun while making the web a better place.