Maria 4

Maria Pierson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Maria brings essential marketing capabilities to Bluehouse to help make digital marketing strategies more effective and get client products in front of the right audiences. With her educational background in business and marketing and her previous jobs in customer service, Maria understands the value of creating content to attract the end consumer. Being raised in a family of engineers, Maria is inspired by the endless possibilities of innovation. Digital marketing allows Maria to integrate her creative design and writing talents, along with her SEO and analytic skills to provide measured impact.

Maria's passions are quite varied. She has a love of fashion, as can be easily seen by many, and a passion for reading and writing. She is often found roaming the shelves of the local bookstores. Having grown up in Vermont, on Lake Champlain, she is either hitting the slopes in the winter or carving big spray turns on the water in the summer.