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Spencer Mize

Technical Director

Spencer is a native Hoosier with a lifelong passion for making things. Often, that takes the form of software development, but he also enjoys woodworking, building and flying drones, baking bread, and 3D printing. From a software standpoint, Spencer is fluent in JavaScript (and all the fun new toys like Webpack, Angular, Vue, Node, etc.), (S)CSS (including Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Ionic, and Vuetify), and PHP. He's also used a smattering of SKILL, ASP, Lisp, Java, and .NET. In Spencer's mind, software is merely a tool - the most important aspect of his job is solving the proper problems with the proper tools.

If he's not building stuff, Spencer can be found with his wife and daughter galavanting around the world - but mostly to France, where his in-laws live in the lovely countryside near Lyon. He loves skiing (remember: he's from Indiana, so he's not actually a good skier!), soccer, football (go Colts!), and generally finishes a few triathlons every year.