2021 UVM Computer Science Fair

Cracking the computer {science fair} code

A few of our team members spent the afternoon judging the 2021 UVM Computer Science Fair this past Friday, December 10th.

This was the ninth annual CS fair, giving computer science students the opportunity to showcase their projects. This year's fair was composed of 63 teams made up of 95 UVM students.

We judged the following categories:

  • Beginner Web Design 
  • Beginner Programming 
  • Intermediate Web Design 
  • Advanced Projects 
  • Advanced App Projects 

How does it work?

There are 14 rules listed on the UVM Computer Science Fair website, but the most prominent rules are; all participants must be enrolled in a Computer Science course at UVM or be a CS or Data Science major or minor, the code should be original or clearly documented if it is not yours, and all entries must be present at their booth during their time session. 

As hoped, we saw some pretty neat projects at this year's fair. We featured a couple of them on our Instagram. Check out our Instagram to see our experience!

Thanks for having us!

Bluehouse was honored to attend the ninth annual computer science fair, and want to give a special thanks to Robert Erickson for organizing the event and inviting us back. Congrats to all the winners of this year's fair! We look forward to the next CS fair!

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