Bluehouse Group Helps Triptych Journey Tell Their Story

Going on vacation is ordinary for a lot of people. Maybe you go to the beach for a week or hop in the car to visit Grandma in Florida. But for a group of seven artists - a filmmaker, choreographer, dancer, writer, photographer, researcher and guide - travel is so much more.

Travel is the chance to tell stories.

Marc Wennberg has been working on Triptych Journey for the past few years. In September, he'll be leading the pack to the Himalayas for seven weeks (how's that for a journey!). They'll travel across the breadth of the Himalaya, from the eastern reaches of Mongolia to Nepal, Bhutan and other Himalayan regions, visiting sacred sites of the Guru Rinpoche. All the while telling his captivating story.

Bluehouse Group wanted to help Marc launch Triptych Journey.

Josh, our Art Director, was able to customize a website perfect for telling stories. With a travel map powered by Google maps, a list of author bios, and a newsletter signup, it's easy to stay in touch with the traveling team.

The team will keep their website updated with stories, video, and pictures of their travels. You can follow them along on their blogdonate to the trip, and signup to receive updates delivered directly to your inbox.

Best of luck to Marc and the rest of the artists on a trip that sounds like it's going to be the trip of a lifetime. We're looking forward to hearing stories when you return!