Joe Siebert

Senior Software Engineer

Joe’s superpower is being an intrepid four-season commuter by bike atop skinny road tires, riding through the sloshy, sloppy streets of Burlington. These are no beefy fat tires - these tires can’t be more than 25 mm wide. And he rides a Panasonic-brand bike, which has the added superpower of being ironic, since Panasonic - best known for its electronics - also created the first breadmaker.  And if that’s not non-sensical enough, before becoming a programmer in 2014, he was an English major and edited scientific journals.

Joe enjoys competitive pick-up games of basketball plus unorganized trips to local swimming holes. Since you haven’t lived until you’ve traveled west of Michigan, he took a road trip out to California by car, but can’t rule out a cross-country ride by Panasonic in the future.