Reflecting On 2021 and Envisioning 2022

As we have rapidly entered into the year 2022, we wanted to take the time to look back on our success of 2021 and reflect on the work that has brought us here.

Client Success

We are grateful to have partnered with some amazing clients and supported their missions via digital projects. Here are some highlights from the year 2021.

iSun - Website Redesign

iSun is an innovative renewable energy company that designs and builds large-scale commercial and residential solar installations.
As a publicly-traded renewable energy company, they have made a name for themselves as one of the industry's leading clean energy companies. iSun is rapidly growing, and thus they needed a new website to reflect who they are today while being flexible enough to evolve with the company.

View our portfolio here

Hildene - Website Redesign

(Expected Launch April 2022)

Hildene exists to carry the values of Abraham Lincoln to future generations by educating and inspiring others to put those Values into Action. Located in Manchester Vermont, the Estate was the former summer home of Robert Todd Lincoln and is now an educational resource for a variety of audiences- from educators and students to visitors and families. Hildene has evolved its offerings over the years and wants to use the new site to organize and showcase their programs and offerings.

Portfolio to be posted soon!

Fundriver - Website Redesign & Web Application

For more than 15 years, Fundriver has provided sophisticated software for endowment management. With a client base of over 500 higher education and non-profit institutions, Fundriver is committed to continual product improvements in order to simplify and automate endowment administration. Their new website reflects their ever-evolving innovative technology, expertise, and unique company culture.

Portfolio to be posted soon!

We’re Growing!

We welcomed five new members in 2021

David Joins the Team

We welcomed David in the Spring of 2021 as a new addition to our development team. With 12+ years of coding experience, he has been integral to quickly solve problems to support our clients.

Maria Joins the Team

We welcomed Maria at the start of the Summer in 2021 as an expansion to our digital marketing team. Maria’s background in marketing and customer service has played a large role in our brand awareness and networking.

Caroline Joins the Team

We welcomed Caroline in September of 2021 as our new project manager. With a background in research, data analysis, and writing, Caroline has played a key role in keeping our projects on track. 

Tara Joins the Team

We welcomed Tara shortly after Caroline joined the team, as they would be working alongside each other on project management. Tara’s background in psychology and user experience has supported client needs as well as Bluehouse Group’s internal processes.

Scott Joins the Team

Last but not least, we welcomed Scott to our development team near the end of October. With Scott’s background in web development and graphic design, he has made a tremendous impact on the front-end development of our current projects.

Goals for 2022

Continue to support the Renewable Energy sector 

As a Vermont company, we are incredibly passionate about sustainability in Vermont and the world. We are grateful to support renewable energy partners, and we are strongly committed to increasing our positive impact.

Return to the office (when it’s safe again)

Like many companies, our team has been working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work safely in this way, yet we still miss seeing one another in the office. We hope that as we push through 2022, we will be able to interact with our teammates through more than just a computer screen!

Have fun!

Lastly, we hope to have fun this year! We are proud of the success we have accomplished, and hope to ring in more accomplishments in 2022, with some smiling faces and happy moments along the way. Join us on this goal, and work with us today!