Markets We Serve

During almost 20 years of creating websites that work for Vermont entities and beyond, Bluehouse Group has partnered with a wide variety of clients across many different market sectors.  We’ve also served different types of organizations - commercial, non-profit, and government.  Our clients benefit from the cross pollination of ideas we bring from that experience.  We also bring particular expertise in certain target markets, as outlined below.



Is your website supporting the goals of your manufacturing business – generating leads, reducing customer service issues, supporting your sales and distribution network? Or is it a thorn in your side? We take a holistic approach so your website will both increase your sales and improve your customer service efficiency. We call it the Integrated Website.

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renewable energy

Renewable Energy

Are you developing a product or service that will help move towards a cleaner energy future? We're proud to work with many organizations who are moving the needle on clean energy solutions, including Renewable NRG Systems, Draker Energy, All Earth Renewables, and others.

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Destination Marketing

Destination Marketing is all about conveying an authentic sense of place and what's unique about it. We help organizations like Downtown Boston and VT Fresh Network convey their brand in a highly dynamic way that engages users, and drives tangible results.

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Local Food & Sustainability

Developing a localized food system is a complex task, but Vermonters are up for the challenge - and so are we. One of the biggest challenges is building awareness for local products and bringing together food growers and buyers. As localvore foodies ourselves, we're glad to call VT Fresh Network and Dig In Vermont our clients.

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non profit

Government & Non-Profit

State Government websites are such a joy to navigate! Ok, not generally. But if you are on the Vermont Legislature's website, you'll find what you need easily in about 2 clicks. The web has become a noisy, hard to navigate place. How do you cut through the clutter with limited resources? Your website should do much of the heavy lifting for you - make life easier, not harder.

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