Government & Non-Profit

The web is a noisy place. How can you cut through the clutter with limited resources?

It's especially challenging for non-profits to get their message heard by the right audience, whether it's donors, partners, media, or other stakeholders. Your website should do much of the heavy lifting for you - make life easier, not harder.

For government agencies with mountains of data to organize and make public, it’s challenging to display that data in a user-friendly way. Let's face it - government websites are not normally known for being awesome user experiences. 

But our goal is to help non-profit organizations and government entities do more with less. For the Howard Center, an organization dedicated to offering crisis and counseling services, it was integral for them to have a careers portal that made the hiring process easier for applicants, and more reliable and efficient. They can't do their best work without the best team, so we designed a custom careers portal that puts the user first.

In an effort to empower Vermont citizens to interact with their state legislators and be more informed, we helped to reimagine what a state government website could be -  how usability is a bill worth passing! The website of the Vermont Legislature makes it enjoyable to interact with state government.

We’ve helped solve these daunting problems for the Vermont Legislature, the Howard Center, and others. We care deeply about our local communities and the many organizations that strive to make it a better place for everyone who dwells and visits here. What problem are you trying to solve?

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