Local Food & Sustainability

One of the tangibles that we can point to as a reason we love Vermont is the working landscape.  It’s the Holstein and Jersey cows that dot the hilly terrain.  It’s the crispy Northern Spy apples that dress up our desserts and hard cider.  It’s the creative and committed souls who safeguard the land so Vermont’s roots can remain strong.

We appreciate the complicated nature of our local food system. One of the biggest challenges is building awareness for local products and then creating meaningful ways for communities to support local food growers and suppliers. The Vermont Fresh Network was designed with this purpose in mind - create a platform for connecting growers to markets. As a way to further the local food movement, spearheaded by VT Fresh Network, Dig In Vermont was created as a resource to promote authentic food experiences in Vermont. For example, follow the Cheese Trail or the Maple trail for a tour more tantalizing than most!

Dig In Vermont, is the realized vision of The Vermont Agriculture and Culinary Tourism Council - a consortium of a dozen non-profit organizations plus the Vermont Department of Tourism and the Vermont Department of Agriculture.  The Council engaged Bluehouse because they wanted to find a way to shine a light on the vibrant food scene in the state. 

We welcome more partnerships with our local food providers and their supply chain partners to leverage the web - reaching more markets and engaging a myriad of stakeholders across the state and beyond. 

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