Increasing Sales and Improving Efficiency: A New Approach to Website Design for Manufacturers

Is your website supporting the goals of your manufacturing business – generating leads, reducing customer service issues, supporting your sales and distribution network? Or is it a thorn in your side? Bluehouse Group’s solution for manufacturers is more than just a website. We take a holistic approach so your website will both increase your sales and improve your customer service efficiency. We call it the Integrated Website (read a full case study on it). In addition to website design for manufacturers, we offer digital marketing services such as inbound marketing (including SEO), copywriting, marketing strategy, and competitive research.

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Increasing Sales

Many manufacturers do not sell direct to new customers online. A salesperson – whether inside sales or a reseller – must qualify a new prospect, make sure they’re a good fit, develop a relationship, and make the sale. It’s often a consultative selling process and sometimes a long sales cycle. Your corporate website should be a strategic lever in your marketing mix, yet most manufacturer websites underperform. Whether you have a dedicated in-house sales team, a network of independent sales reps, distributors or re-sellers, a successful website will feed salespeople a constant stream of quality opportunities.

sales funnel

A well-designed manufacturing website should:

  • Attract the right prospects
  • Provide robust information to educate and engage them
  • Prompt them to take action
  • Bring the new prospect into your sales funnel

Every business is different, but Bluehouse is attuned to the best techniques for manufacturers to be successful on the web.

You don’t want to publish prices?  Not a problem, we have other solutions. Your product line is complicated? Your product information lives in an existing database? We can work with that. Regardless of complexity or roadblocks, we can deliver a solution that will drive sales.

Our approach is collaborative. We strive to understand your business and your customers so we can deliver the best solution to increase your revenue. By tuning in to your customers, we create the best possible user experience design. People’s experience on your website should be positive proof that you’re a quality company to do business with. If their experience is sub-par, they may assume that your products are too.

Improving Customer Service

By providing rich product information online to prospects and customers, you’ll reduce the load on your customer service team, providing immediate efficiencies. It will also improve response time and customer satisfaction. You’ll field fewer support requests when people can find answers themselves on your website. There are numerous ways to accomplish this – there’s no single solution – but here are a few of the techniques we’ve seen success with:

  • Make instruction manuals and product documentation easy to find.
  • Incorporate a Support section with powerful Search capability that’s easy and accurate.
  • Weave support information into places where it’s relevant, e.g. include a link on a product page.
  • Add instructional videos.
  • Bring attention to safety information.
  • Train customer service staff so they can easily point customers to the online information, saving everyone time.

Improving Operational Efficiency: The Integrated Website

Our solution includes reviewing your existing systems and determining how they can integrate with the website to maximize operational efficiency. If you have product information in an existing system, we explore the options for having that information flow to the website in an automated way. Read about one approach we took in the NRG Systems Case Study. If your sales team uses lead tracking software or a CRM such as SalesForce, we feed leads directly into that system. Our approach also lets you start simple and scale up by adding system integration later.

integrated website

Every business has its own systems and software, and there’s no need to change them –  Bluehouse has extensive experience with system integration. Tremendous operational efficiency is gained when data flows to and from the website automatically. It’s a beautiful thing – a well-oiled machine with the website as its engine.

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