Renewable Energy

Being a green state - both literally and figuratively - it’s no surprise that Vermont is at the forefront of renewable technologies. From wind to solar, Vermont entrepreneurs, or Vermontrepreneurs, are working to create a clean energy future. Bluehouse Group is passionate about helping renewable energy companies be more successful digitally and online. Our work aligns with our values, and it’s an area where our contributions can feel particularly meaningful.

The growing sector of renewable energy offers market dynamics that are fascinating and shifting constantly. Companies that sell to consumers, such as residential solar companies, have benefitted from government incentives, but incentives come and go. Consumers can struggle to understand their choices. Bluehouse Group’s ability to convey information in a clear and simple way can make a big difference for companies selling B2C (business-to-consumer).

Companies selling to other businesses (B2B). have different challenges. Clarity, once again, is key. A solid online strategy, skillfully implemented, will build trust and increase new business lead generation.

Improving efficiency is another important area where Bluehouse Group helps clients in the renewables space. We look at an organization’s current systems and capabilities, providing ways for them to get more done in less time. A website can be “the hub of the wheel,” providing post-sale customer support and reducing the burden on the Customer Service Department. Back-end systems can be utilized and improved using modern web technologies. We also also help organizations increase the value of their data, for example through solutions that display “real time” energy production data.

It’s important to recognize the variety of potential audiences, including investors, prospective customers, the media, the local community and other stakeholders. For companies in growth mode, prospective employees are also an important audience. Our content strategy work helps organizations appeal to every relevant audience group.

We've been proud to play a role through our work with Renewable NRG, All Earth Renewables, Draker Energy, Building Energy, Clean Energy Group, Clean Energy States Alliance, and Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, to name a few. We’re always excited to work with local and national innovators to move towards a cleaner energy future.

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