Bringing Multiple Health Centers Under One Digital Umbrella

Adirondack Health operates multiple health centers across the north country. They needed to create an easy way for users to find doctors and services across multiple locations.

Adirondack Health is a community health system with nine locations across the northern New York region. They have twice been named to the list of “Top 100 Community Hospitals” for their high quality of care and patient satisfaction and are the largest private employer in the Adirondacks. They approached Bluehouse Group recognizing they needed a website to match their high level of quality service, helping their community members easily find the resources they needed.

Requirements included bringing together the nine different locations with varying services under one digital umbrella. Through a discovery process, we realized they needed a tool to easily find a doctor by specialty, location or by name, which required some custom database design. Being a critical tool, it’s featured on the homepage as well as being called out in the main navigation. There was a lot of information to bring into one coherent site, so we employed our proven content planning process to help bring clarity to how information should be organized - what to prioritize and what was less important.

The Adirondack Health responsive website launched in 2013 and has been easily updated by internal marketing staff to keep the content fresh. It’s easy for patients and community members to easily find what they need - the best care available from the largest healthcare provider in the Adirondacks.