Connecting a Government Agency with Constituents

Cape Cod Home Page

The Cape Cod Commission Strives for Balance Between Environmental Protection & Economic Progress

Serving Barnstable County, Massachusetts since its establishment in 1990, The Cape Cod Commission's mission is to protect the unique natural, historical, and cultural resources of Cape Cod. The Cape is home to over 200,000 residents and hosts millions of tourists every summer.

The Commission provides the public with opportunities to voice opinions on land-use policies and bring stakeholders together to build a comprehensive environmental and economic development plan.

The Challenge

Fostering community awareness to deliver on the inclusive promise of the Cape Cod Commission has been difficult. Our goal was to make all resources easily accessible and shareable to encourage engagement from Cape residents, tourists, and policymakers. These resources (close to 5,000 at the start of the project) are managed entirely within SharePoint, and were not always available to the public. Those that were available had to be individually published by Commission staff.

The Outcome: Set up for a Successful Future

Cape Cod Commission projects and meetings are now accessible on a beautiful new website. Beyond that, all associated resources are now painlessly published with the same system used every day by Commission staff, considerably reducing administrative overhead.

The new website combines custom SharePoint API integration with a new CMS and improved information architecture. As a result, the Commission is now in a much better position to protect the ecological and economic interests of Cape Cod.

A Modern CMS

First, it was critical to replace their outdated and unsupported CMS with a new, commercial-grade solution built with the SilverStripe CMS and MVC coding framework. This strategic technology decision improves the Commission’s content publishing workflow and provides enhanced security.

Custom SharePoint Integration

The Cape Cod Commission manages a library of roughly 5,000 resources in Microsoft's SharePoint document management system. Our integration makes the Commission’s work easier to publish to their website. It is then quickly accessible in a searchable and filterable resource library. Not only that, but the website also displays relevant resources on any associated project or event page.

Calendar Module

Bluehouse Group built a custom calendar module that’s easy to update with meeting information and provides an additional avenue for users to find meeting notes, agendas, and other informative documents published via SharePoint.

Commission Projects

The Cape Cod Commission publishes information on roughly 200 separate projects, initiatives, committees, and more. The site's new information architecture, paired with the new SharePoint integration, provides multiple avenues for constituents and stakeholders to find the information they seek.