EZ-Probate Online Platform Eliminates Attorney Fees

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Startup company becomes “The TurboTax™ of probate”

As a financial planner, EZ-Probate founder Byron Batres saw firsthand how attorney fees can gobble up an estate when a person passes away. He started EZ-Probate to offer an alternative.

Probate court requires forms to be completed and approved before estate assets can be transferred to heirs. It’s a complicated process, but it rarely requires actual legal expertise.

When EZ-Probate reached out to Bluehouse Group, they had created a minimum viable product and successfully tested the business concept. They were ready to create a more robust solution. Bluehouse helped turn EZ-Probate’s vision into a reality, envisioning the ideal experience for their customers and using an agile methodology to quickly design and build a fully functional website and online platform.

EZ-Probate now provides a do-it-yourself online solution, similar to popular online tax-preparation solutions like TurboTax™. Customers create a secure account and answer step-by-step questions. EZ-Probate takes the information and generates all the state-specific forms, ready to be signed and submitted to the probate court. The system saves customers time, money, and headaches, and it provides EZ-Probate with an efficient, automated tool that is the core of their business.

Bluehouse provided a complete, end-to-end business solution, including:

  • New website to attract and convert customers
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content strategy
  • Pay-per-click advertising campaign management
  • Robust administrative back-end for managing customers and probate cases
  • Integration with existing sales automation and CRM platform
  • Ongoing consulting, system improvement, and UX refinements

With the help of digital advertising and SEO, EZ-Probate saw a 67% increase in website traffic within the first month of launch. Through custom conversion tracking on their digital advertising, we are able to pinpoint which geographic campaigns are performing the best not only for initial account sign-ups but also in total sales volume. This attribution tracking allows the EZ-Probate team to make educated decisions on how their advertising budget is spent in the future.

The new system continues to evolve and scale as the company grows. As a Bluehouse Group partner, we meet with EZ-Probate on a regular basis to collaborate on enhancements, iterations, and marketing strategies.

Mobile Responsive Design

Over 60% of EZ-Probate's traffic uses their web application with at least one type of mobile device. Knowing this, we paid extra attention to making the site and application mobile-friendly.

Automated Questionnaire

Developed a user-guided questionnaire that maps answers to legal probate forms. Once completed, customers have the chance to preview generated documents and view court-appointed next steps. 

Payment Gateway Integration

With multiple unique payment options, we opted to integrate both Stripe and Chargebee. Customers can pick between an up-front payment, monthly payment installments, or sending the bill to other members of their estate.