Customize Your Own Trip With Grand Slam Tennis Tours

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Grand Slam Tennis Tours provides a one of a kind travel experience to the world’s biggest tennis events

Grand Slam Tennis Tours is a different kind of travel tour company. Run by tennis fanatics, they provide luxury trips to major tennis events around the world. Having been in business for 30 years, almost everything about how they plan and book trips for their clients has evolved. They came to Bluehouse looking to transform their website and add a self-serve travel planning engine. In addition to exploring standard tour packages, they wanted to let clients create a totally customized experience—choosing hotel accommodations, tennis match selections, event seating, and even opportunities to meet the players.

Digital Booking Engine

Grand Slam Tennis Tours had been using a robust booking engine in-house, but customer service reps were spending all day on the phone with potential clients discussing their options. When Bluehouse redesigned the website, we connected it to the in-house booking engine so website visitors could explore options and configure their trip, all in their browser. It took a bit of custom API programming to connect to the back-end, but the investment paid rich rewards.

Empowering Grand Slam Staff

The new website not only made customized booking easier for Grand Slam’s clients, it helped the company save significant time and money by empowering the customer service team to focus only on qualified sales leads. And just as important, the entire digital experience—which can also be translated into multiple languages for international clients—built trust and credibility, reinforcing the company’s brand as luxury travel experts.

Pandemic Pivot

When the global pandemic put a pause on travel and public sporting events, and Grand Slam Tours found its business grounded indefinitely, we helped them make quick enhancements so they could host thousands of people for virtual, yet intimate live and recorded events with some of tennis’ biggest stars. The new website has successfully differentiated Grand Slam from its competitors and positioned the company for ongoing growth.

Custom Package Builder

An easy to use interface allows for a customized trip to be built in minutes. Mixing and matching days, courts, hotels, and bonus activities such as snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef are all possible.

Account Portal

Users are able to create a profile that stores personal information. Making it easy to checkout, view booked trips, and keep track of "Aces" which are points that are earned by customers.

Match Nights

When live events aren't happening, classic tennis matches are streamed directly on the site. Grand Slam organizes "Match Nights" where they encourage people to get comfy and watch some of the all-time best matches. Helping build a community for their customers and members.