Driving Citizen Engagement and Transparency within Vermont's Political System

The Vermont State Legislature’s website is THE source of information for the legislators, their support staff, the media, Vermont businesses, and the public.

When the Vermont Legislature is in session, content is updated continuously by two dozen content managers throughout the day. The website is mission critical.

When the Legislature engaged Bluehouse Group to redesign and rebuild their website, we were faced with a short timetable for a big project that could not be late: the legislators were scheduled to reconvene in less than six months.  We quickly developed a work plan and we:

  • Researched different kinds of users and their priorities
  • Convened workshop sessions to get stakeholder input
  • Reorganized large quantities of information to improve usability
  • Analyzed existing systems and workflows
  • Designed a fresh interface, built an entirely new website, and integrated it with existing systems
  • Delivered commercial-grade architecture and code to assure stability, security, and maintainability
  • Launched on time and on budget

The Bluehouse team took great satisfaction in improving government transparency and giving people inside and outside the State House better access to information.

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