API Integration

  • Marketing Platforms
  • Sales Platforms
  • CRM Software
  • Google Maps
  • Payment Processing
  • ERP Systems
  • Product Databases
  • Email Clients
  • SOLR (PDF Indexing Tool)
  • Custom API development
  • Ticketing Systems (ex: ZenDesk)
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: Salesforce, SalesLogix, Method, etc.

Funneling inquiries and sales leads directly into your CRM software will create an efficient workflow, save time, and provide superior tracking.

Payment Processing: Stripe, Authorize.net, Paypal, Chargify, etc.

These systems are a game changer when it comes to payment processing gateways. Stripe offers powerful features such as automatic recurring subscription payments. It’s a great platform, sitting quietly in the background, securely processing credit card transactions. We’ve done countless projects where we’ve integrated Stripe with a website for transaction processing.

Marketing Automation Software: Hubspot, Pardot, etc. 

The lines between marketing and technology are blurring, but the verdict is clear-- integrating your website and marketing platform brings you better insights.

Email Clients: MailChimp, MailGun, PostMark, etc.

Build your email list via your website and add new people directly to your preferred email platform.

Other Applications: Google Maps, Amazon S3 Storage, Zendesk, SOLR document indexing, etc.

Custom API Development

Many companies are realizing the value of offering information to partners via an API, so that data can be exchanged between parties with more reliability and less effort. We develop custom APIs for clients so they can offer data in a way that is controlled, efficient, and secure.