Web Application Development

  • Consulting & Strategy
  • Solution Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • Database Development
  • API Integration
  • Payment Processing
  • Usability Testing
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

There are many varieties, but basically a web application is database-driven software that can be used in a web browser to create a more useful experience on the web. Users can search, filter, sort, and maybe enter and save information. A web app may connect to a company’s internal systems or third party services. It may include dynamic reporting, graphing, or mapping. Some web apps require a login to get access, and some are available only to paid subscribers. We design and develop commercial-grade web applicationsreliable, maintainable, scalable, and secure.

Consulting & Strategy

We look at the big picture. As your strategic business partner, our chief goal when building custom web software is always to maximize your overall success. Some of our clients come with a well-formed idea of the web software their business needs, while others benefit from consultation about the best approach to achieve their goals. In either case, we take the long view, considering all the angles to make the most of your software investment.

Solution Architecture

Good architecture is the foundation of good software. We take the time to thoroughly understand the real world “user stories” that describe how the web application will be used.  We then apply industry-leading principles of quality software design. The result is web applications that are rock-solid for years, long after others have gone out of date.

User Experience Design

We build software that “just works.” It's intuitive. User experience design requires extraordinary attention to detail – we work hard so your users don’t have to. Our web applications are known for clean and intuitive user interface design, both useful and visually appealing.

reports.allearthrenewables.com report detail 163 2016
Example of an intuitive design for customers tracking their solar array production with AllEarth Solar.

API Integration (3rd Party)

A website that can talk to other websites or services is more powerful. The language that websites speak is their application programming interface or API. Lucky for you, we speak that language also. Whether you need to process payments with Stripe, send email with Postmark, update your customer data with SalesForce, or interact with any of the countless other API’s the web has to offer, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Database Development

A well-designed database is the foundation of a good web app. Done right, it’s a powerful engine. Done wrong, it’s a limiting factor that causes frustration. We have many years of experience designing databases and working with client data. Whether starting from scratch or wrangling existing data, we know what questions to ask so it gets designed right.

Usability Testing

There’s no substitute for sitting real people in front a website and asking them to accomplish specific tasks while we observe and record what they do. We always learn things-- sometimes our observations validate the user interface design, and sometimes we learn where improvements are needed. We do usability testing as a service in some of our own projects, and we offer it as a service to other organizations and developers.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

We have developed numerous SaaS applications, including applications that have gone on to become the engine behind highly successful businesses. We understand how to design and build for scalability and security. For startups, we’ve used an Agile software development approach to rapidly develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). SaaS solutions are an increasingly profitable model, and we love working on SaaS projects.