Jack Valance

Back End Developer

Jack brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Bluehouse Group, drawing from a career spanning over 30 years in IT and software development. With expertise in database-driven applications and web development, he has been involved in numerous enterprise systems projects, both in-house and as a consultant. His industry background includes manufacturing, distribution, utilities, media, broadcasting, apparel, finance, construction, mining, and non-profit. Before joining Bluehouse Group, Jack spent 18 years as an independent consultant, specializing in helping his clients bring their legacy business applications to the web. He has extensive teaching and public speaking experience, and has developed and delivered numerous presentations, workshops, and webinars, on a variety of software development topics, across North America.

Jack grew up and started his career in New York City, and moved to Vermont to raise a family. He has a degree in Music from Queens College, CUNY, with a minor in Computer Science. When he's not working at a computer, Jack can be found practicing or performing on a variety of musical instruments, in groups that range from chamber music to Big Band Swing, with a particular fondness for Jazz, Funk, R&B, and Classic Rock. He also likes to keep in shape by practicing hot yoga, as well as a variety of outdoor activities.