John Brown

Back End Developer

John graduated from Champlain College in 2016 summa cum laude, with a major in Computer Science and innovation with a specialization in programming. He started working as a developer full time during his sophomore year when he continued to work at Marathon Health after his internship was over. John has continued to work in the local tech scene, working at some large firms such as MyWebGrocer and Allscripts healthcare.

When John is not sitting behind a keyboard, or slaving over a hot stove, he can often be found at one of the two golf courses he belong to playing or practicing. He enjoys competitive golf both at the club level and the regional level. In fact during the summer of  2003, John held the club championships at both Aspen Lakes CC, and Juniper GC.  When he is not working on his own game you will find him helping one of his two children, or other students.