tara mah2

Tara Mah

Project Manager

Having spent the first part of her career working in psychology and mental health, Tara loves to solve complex problems by understanding who people are and how they think. This skill has proved conducive to the field of web design- where successful products and systems meet the needs of those who use them. Thus you will often find Tara poking around analytics data, researching trends in User Experience Design, asking many questions, and ultimately working diligently to meet the needs of clients and their site visitors.

A lover of communication, Tara is also a French enthusiast and enjoys practicing her second language during regular visits to Qu├ębec. The only downside to her travels is that she cannot bring along her dearest pet- a small blue Parrotlet named Piper. Forget the argument about cats vs. dogs; Tara is a bird person. If you want to connect with her, talk to her about birds. You will instantly win her over.