BHG 10

Vicky Smith

Account and Project Manager | 10 years

As the main point of contact for many of our projects, Vicky often gets to know our clients better than any other member of our team, and they in turn get to know her as a receptive problem-solver with a penchant for getting websites to perform better than they’re expected to. She steps into projects armed with her contagious laugh, and an arsenal of high-profile experience that is enough to make you jealous. Before working directly under Vermont ice cream artisans Ben and Jerry, she racked up over fifteen years of television production experience. You’ll even find her in the Internet Movie Database for her animation production contributions to MTV networks.

A seasoned city dweller, Vicky spent most of her life living in Manhattan before moving to Vermont. While she still enjoys frequent trips back to the island to visit family and friends, her uniquely New York energy and know-how travel everywhere with her. Vicky is a walking guide to just about everything delicious, fun, and interesting, whether it’s here in Vermont, back in New York, or in any one her recent exotic vacation destinations including Senegal, Turkey, and the Galapagos Islands.