Edge Pharmacy Chose Bluehouse Group to Solidify Their Position in the Pharmaceuticals Market

There a lot of industries where companies truly have to look like they know what they’re doing. Pharmaceuticals is one of those industries where credibility is the difference between landing a large contract with an organization or missing out.

Edge Pharmacy knew they needed to look credible and legitimate - yet approachable. 

And that’s why they came to Bluehouse Group. 

Backed by long-time pharmacist William Chatoff, R.Ph.,BCNP, Edge Pharmacy is a pharmaceutical sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacy, offering high quality, accessible and responsive compounding solutions for the northern New England health care community.

Our Art Director, Josh, went to work on creating an industry image-driven website that quickly explains what Edge Pharmacy provides, the quality standards they hold themselves to, and information about William to humanize the business and put a face to the name.

Now, health organizations know who they’re dealing, what they’re getting, and why they should choose Edge for their compounding solutions.

Not to mention, the Edge Pharmacy site is responsive, meaning it’s easily accessible from any device - even mobile phones.

View the completed site for Edge Pharmacy: http://www.EdgePharmacy.com.