iSun is building a sustainable energy future

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iSun's mission-- Accelerating the world’s transition from dirty to clean energy

iSun is an innovative renewable energy company. They design and build large-scale solar installations, residential solar installations, and they offer a variety of products and services.

iSun is a publicly-traded renewable energy company that has made a name for itself as one of the industry's leading clean energy companies. Based in Vermont and operating nationally, they have been growing rapidly. 


Because of their rapid growth, iSun needed a new website to reflect who they are today while being flexible enough to evolve with the company.

Bluehouse Group worked with iSun through a highly collaborative approach, guiding them through a set of exercises that helped us hone in on the goals of the project and understand the business as a whole. 

After getting an understanding of iSun’s brand values and strategic goals, we started developing new concepts for their site that included a user-friendly CMS, a modern and flexible design, an intuitive information architecture, and a compelling content strategy.

Project Benefits

  • A modern website that strengthens the iSun brand
  • A content strategy that serves both investors and potential project partners
  • Storytelling that reflects the company’s positive impact and commitment to sustainability
  • Intuitive information architecture
  • Excellent user experience
  • Dynamic display of real-time stock market information tied to the iSun investor portal

Impactful Project Panels

We wanted to communicate the significance of their various projects, so we developed project panels to easily convey important project details and metrics. These metrics vary depending on the project, but can include carbon offset, number of homes powered, or number of trees planted, etc. These project panels highlight iSun’s commitment to its mission.


Flexible and Extendable Design

iSun's rapid expansion meant that they needed the ability to quickly and easily add new products and services to the site. By leveraging a modular design approach, and modern CMS we gave iSun the ability to easily build pages and update their site, effectively future-proofing the site.

Integration with Investor Portal

As a publicly-traded company, iSun needed their new website to provide investors with important stock information. Bluehouse Group integrated with iSun's investor portal so that stock information is always consistently published in their multiple websites. We connected to the investor portal via Application Programming Interface (API) in order to pull stock pricing information and display it within the website design. This information is listed on many of their pages, automatically updating, showing site visitors stock information in real-time.

Bluehouse Group was great to work with. They communicated with our team at every step, going above and beyond to keep us in the loop during all parts of the website development project. We felt confident and secure with our project in their hands and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

Michelle Read

Special Projects Manager, iSun Energy, Inc.