Navigating the cancer journey with Patient Power

Patient Power connects people to the knowledge of a community of cancer experts

Patient Power is a virtual lifeline for people diagnosed with cancer. It also supports their family and their caregivers. As a digital resource and online community, it puts valuable information and the most current research into the hands of this audience. As the name suggests, Patient Power’s mission is to empower people and increase their sense of control during a difficult and scary time in life. Armed with good information, patients can have informed conversations with their doctors, actively participate in their treatment plan, and live their best life.  

The Challenge

When Patient Power came to Bluehouse Group they had a popular website that was overflowing with content. Videos, articles and stories were added every day. Unfortunately, the high volume of content had made the website disorganized and slow to load. It had become increasingly difficult for users to navigate and find information relevant to their particular type of the disease. Bluehouse was excited when we were asked to redesign, reorganize, and streamline the site.

Content Strategy

The first step was to do a full inventory of the content, reducing it down to only what was most valuable and current. Then the content was organized into “health centers” by cancer type and topic. Rock solid organization and “findability” of content were the highest priority, but not the only one. Because the site needed to serve a huge amount of video content, load time and speed were critical development pieces, as was the careful and unobtrusive integration of only the most relevant advertising, which provides the site’s revenue.

 On the back end, Bluehouse built out a structured and well-organized Content Management System (CMS) to allow Patient Power to easily tag and categorize every piece of content. By being as thoughtful about the backend user experience for staff content managers, we protected the site from falling back into content overload and disorganization down the road.

More Power for Patients

When the redesign was complete, a transformed Patient Power website was launched. Today,  visitors experience a caring, easy-to-navigate digital home that meets them wherever they are in their cancer journey. They can take in health, lifestyle and treatment information at their own pace, easily see what is new, create a library of personalized content, and subscribe to tailored newsletters. But this is not a one-way experience; it is highly interactive, allowing visitors to connect with other people with similar diagnosis, treatment or caregiving experiences. Since the founders and many staff members have in-depth knowledge of the subject, visitors are able to communicate directly with experts in the field. People can also build a profile that allows them to be contacted to participate in clinical trials or participate in panels or special events.

Patient Power is now driving a high-powered and sophisticated content engine. Our ongoing relationship with Patient Power provides them with support that accommodates their evolving needs. When COVID-19 concerns forced all events to become virtual, website enhancements helped them to expand their capacity for live streaming and content hosting. These events and the Patient Power community became an essential point of connection for immune-compromised patients facing even higher levels of isolation during the pandemic.

Results and Rewards

For Bluehouse Group, transforming the Patient Power website remains one of our most rewarding projects. The user-friendly CMS gave Patient Power total control over their content management in a way that allowed them to do their critical work more effectively. Post-launch, Google Analytics showed that people were returning more frequently and spending more time on the website—clear success indicators. Patient Power has been able to expand their reach and provide empowering knowledge and personal connection when people need it most.



Interviews, webinars, recorded live-streams, and conference videos offer compelling information delivered “face to face.” Transcripts give people speed-reading alternatives to video and they further optimize the content for search engines.


Online events are a regular part of the content mix. People can sign up to be notified for the specific kinds of events that interest them. Events bring people back to the website and they provide a deep level of visitor engagement.

Membership & Community

Becoming a member provides people additional benefits and a stronger experience of the community. People have more ways to engage with the community of patients and care partners. They can stay on top of the latest developments in research and clinical trials. They can share their story and help others.


The website and the organization behind it depend on the support of advertisers. The companies who advertise appreciate that the website can offer a highly targeted, self-selecting audience. The advertising is carefully managed so that it does not detract from the importance of the mission and the brand.